Subject: RL 19 from Scottsdale (M/f ouch and M/f)
From: (Arizona406)
Date: 7 May 1996 02:00:35 -0400

RL 19 from Scottsdale

If you are small and young go to bed right now, do not read this. But if not do what you want.

My best friend lived just across the street from me. She and I have had plenty of adventures. But one thing she didn’t know was how often I tried to get her into trouble so I could see her get it. Bye the time I was 13 I was well into getting excited at either seeing a spanking or getting one. Getting one was an after glow. Never got off on receiving the spanks, but for some reason when it was done I would go wild with passion. And to see someone getting it was the wildest feeling. I really thought I was going crazy sometimes. But the uncontrolled passion would wipe my thinking about it completely out.

I spent the night with one of my girlfriends and I talked her into sneaking out that night to go 2 blocks away to see some boys that were camping out. It was around 2:00 am when we got back to her house and we had been gone about 3 hours. We were giggling and felt like we had really gotten away with something. When we started to come up on the house. We saw Tonya’s dad sitting on the settee on the porch.

She immediately stated to try to make up excuses about how were just out in the yard but he had been sitting there for about 2 hours and knew better. He didn’t waste any time in coming across the porch after her, sitting back down on the settee and pulling her across his knees.

He placed his hand on her bottom while he told her how much she deserved to be spanked. Then he stopped and pulled her pants and panties down. then began spanking her even harder. Each spank echoed in the night air. All was so quite at that hour except for the sounds of insects and the slapping of hand on bare bottom. This was driving me wild, seeing Tonya squirming at the impact of her dad’s hand spanking her. She was in real need of escape. She was kicking and wiggling so much that her father would have to stop spanking to get her back into position. But that only took a few seconds and then her fanny got a horrendous spank. I mean echo sent chills right deep inside of me. I could feel her pain. It was delightful. She was kicking and squirming and begging him to stop! I was just standing here taking it all in. Not know what to do. Her father acted like I wasn’t even there.

I was scared but I was enjoying watching Tonya in that position. After about 20 hard slaps, he stopped. I thought it was over. He began to tell her that she was old enough to know better and since she was acting, like a little girl, he was going to treat her like one. Then he pulled her panties down and began spanking her on her bare bottom. The palm of his hand landed right on target time after time and was really loud. She began really crying hard.

Her mother ran down the stairs and came out on the porch and told him he was going to wake up the neighbors but he told her that he was going to spank her until she couldn’t sit down and not to interfere. Her mother took me into the house and apologized for me having to see that.

I went on up to Tonya’s room but I opened the window where I could still hear him spanking her behind. He continued spanking her for what seemed like a very long time. When he finished, I heard him tell her the next time, he would not hesitate to use a paddle on her bare bottom. That she better think twice before trying another stunt like that.

She came up to her room and crawled into the bed and was still crying. I was too embarrassed to talk about it but I wondered how she felt. But actually, I knew exactly how she felt. But wanted to know if she felt a glow like I do, but I couldn’t ask her that.

The next morning I dreaded going down for breakfast because I didn’t think I could look at him in the daylight. I was embarrassed, scared, and in a way I felt cheated because I had almost wanted him to do that to me since I had been the one to come up with the whole idea. Tonya felt I should have gotten punished too. Some friend, right? But it turned out that her dad had already left the house to go play golf. Wow!

None of the girls I ran around with ever talked about getting spankings. After knowing that Tonya still did, I wondered how many others did and just would never admit it. I would throw out little hints to see if anyone would pick up on them like if we ere running late saying “Are you worried that your going to get it?” Sometimes they would be tough and say they did what they wanted to but a couple of the girls always worried about being on time or not wanting to do anything too off the wall. It made me really ant to know if they got spanked.

Another time with Tonya was when we were 16. Well, she was 16, I was 15. She was older than me. She had her driver’s license. Her daddy bought her a car and we ere always out cursing. One Friday night Tonya and I went to a high school football game and then we went out cursing and drinking. I was staying the night at her place. I didn’t even think about getting in trouble that night. It just never crossed my mind. But when we came home at 1:30 am bussing, I realized something was up. When her father met us at the door her expression sobered up instantly. He made us come into this study. told us to sit. And he was mad as hell. He asked us a multitude of questions. He wanted to know where we had been. Who bought us the beer, had we been with boys and that sort of thing. I could tell that Tonya resent him asking questions.

He told her to come over to where he was sitting. She walked over there and he pulled his chair back and yanked her across his lap. He pulled u her skirt and slipped her panties down over her bottom. He looked over at me and told me to not move. I didn’t.

He began spanking her bare bottom hard and fast. He spanked her with his hand for a good five minutes. She was yelling and screaming but it didn’t take very long for her attitude to change and soon she was begging him to quit. She still was crying, though I could tell she was trying hard not to.

He quit spanking her with his hand but kept her across his lap. Held her down with the other hand in the small of her back. He told me to open the right hand drawer in the cabinet behind me and hand him the wooden paddle. It was huge. At least it looked huge. Maybe it was really the size of a square Ping-Pong paddle. But it looked like shear stinging pain. He spanked her for about five more minutes with the paddle. I guess and then he put it down and started using his hand again but this time pausing between licks to make her promise to act like a good girl. He would spank her and then make her tell him that she would be good from now on. He smacked her hard at the end of each sentence. All the time she never stopped squirming and kicking to wiggle off the lap. But no chance. She was glued to his lap. A steady stream of tears feel from her cheeks as her dad concentrated on her bottom cheeks. Then it was done.

She scrambled to pull her panties up and she ran upstairs. I was petrified because I didn’t know what was going to happen. He picked up the paddle and my heart just went berserk. But I didn’t move. He tucked me under his big arm and bent a leg under me to prop my bottom into a good spanking angle. Then brushed my shorts and underpants down and in a split second delivered a dozen good sound spanks to my bottom. I was in tears and kicking instantly. My feet were just barley touching the floor. When the stinging started I was then dangling off the floor. Each stinging spank seemed to land in the same place. I didn’t notice this the case for Tonya, but it was for me. It started burning beyond anything I could imagine. Then I too was placed back on the floor. I bent over as quickly as I could to pull my shorts and panties back up.

Then I really felt the stinging feeling in my bottom. I started hoping around the room. Pacing back and forth as Tonya’s father scolded me for being such a follower. That I had a head on me that could make up my own mind. If someone comes up with a lame idea I can have the courage to stand up for what is right. But all I could feel was the stinging in my fanny. Then I was sent to Tonya’s room too. Later she and I exchanged glances at our bottoms to see whose was worse. All I know was my glow was coming on and I wanted the lights out so I could do it in privacy.