Subject: Mobile Spanking Units
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 15:17:56 -0700

Mobile Spanking Units

by R. Seal

(This is a truly fictional story, with none of the characters existing in real life, or meant to remind anyone but the author of anyone else alive or dead. It is for only those over the age of consent who are not upset or disturbed by spanking)

After considerable debate in the state legislature about juvenile issues such as vandalism, school truancy, curfew violations and driving violations, a solution was finally developed and funded. Thus in several select cities there were units formed called Mobile Spanking Units. These units would be staffed by nurses and other health professionals. They would move on routes around the city and use local schools or community centers to set up shop. They would have the authority to provide discipline to adolescents (13-18) who had violated these laws more than once in any one year period. There was also a provision for those between 19 and 21, to voluntarily submit to the Unit instead of spending time in jail. On there first offense, they would be put on probation and released to their parents with a letter detailing the intent of the Mobile Spanking Units. The parents could file an exemption for their child which would have to pass a judicial review on the second offense. This naturally initiated considerable excitement and debate in the adult population and concern and fear in the adolescent population.

Almost everyone in the community knew when the ad appeared in the local paper of Ashville. This story will focus on three people who read the ad with a high level of interest for their own reasons. The first is Jean, a registered nurse who was looking for work. The other two were Brian and Kellyn. Both were in high school together and liked to stay out late, usually several hours after the legal curfew. Brian was 17 and a stud on the football team. Kellyn was a voluptuous blonde cheerleader. Both were considered social leaders in the school. While they had never dated, they only tended to date within the same peer group; no geeks or nerds permitted or tolerated. In fact, most of the other kids in their classes felt too intimidated by their mature physical appearance to talk comfortably with them to even considering asking them out for a date. Kellyn had the physical attributes most women would be envious with since her breasts were a full 38C and her hips, legs and bottom were well curved and nicely proportioned. However both of them would have been totally embarrassed to admit to any of their friends that their parents both believed in spanking. In fact, Kellyn had gotten her last spanking from her mother only a year before.

Jean was a 35 year old nurse, looking for a job that got her out of a hospital environment. She had worked in an adolescent substance abuse hospital ward for two years and needed something different. She still liked working with kids though and so when she read the ad, she circled it and called for an interview. The woman explained the program fully. Before scheduling her for the interview, she reviewed her nursing credentials as well as her views on discipline and specifically spanking. Jean had been spanked by her mother as a teeenager and felt that in the right situations, a spanking could be highly effective in helping children adjust their attitudes and behaviors. She blushed a little as she admitted to the woman that she had indeed benefited from her mother's spankings and looking back felt that they were all justified. Once she got off the phone she had an appointment set for the next day. Hanging up the phone she realized that she was squirming in her chair and had even given her bottom a rub or two during the conversation. She got up and went into her bedroom. Her roommate Debbie was not home, so she felt free to turn her back to her mirror and pull up her skirt. For some reason she had a compulsion to see her own bottom. Her boyfriends tended to spend time back there and she knew how aroused it made her feel when they kissed and fondled her there. With her skirt safely out of the way, she gave both of her round, meaty cheeks a gentle squeeze and pat over her panties.

Then she realized how stupid she would look if anyone else was home and after one more squeeze, her hand could cup almost her entire butt cheek, she smoothed her skirt back down. Forcing herself to focus on other things gradually allowed her feeling of excitement to ebb so she could do some preparation for her interview the next day. During the rest of the night she was able to interact with her friend and roommate Debbie.

The next morning Debbie made some notice that she was up and busy preparing herself early for the interview. It wasn't until Debbie mentioned that she must really want this job that Jean realized that indeed she did want this job more than any other job she had gone for in the last several years. She was glad that her roommate was such a naturally attractive Black woman and didn't usually need alot of time in fron of the bathroom mirror. With one final look at her stockings and skirt, she assured herself and left for the interview.

She arrived a good 20 minutes early and spent some time sitting in her car listening to the radio and trying to relax. She found herself looking at a boy and girl, probably in their mid-teens running around in the park across the street. Not paying attention to what they were doing, and not caring, thought Jean, they tipped over a couple of the trash cans. Then they just continued doing what they were doing without any thought of picking up the mess they had made. She couldn't help but think of how she could teach them both a lesson if she got this job.

A few minutes later she walked into the office where her interview was to be held. She was greeted by an attractive blonde,Karen, who told her that Mrs. Lane would be with her shortly. Jean had just gotten settled when Mrs. Lane came out to shake her hand and escort her into her private office. She introduced herself as Carol, stating that she liked being on a first name basis with applicants and her employees. Jean immediately liked this mature woman with a warm smile. She also noticed her large, strong yet feminine hands as they greeted each other. They reminded her of her Aunt Barbara. Aunt Barbara had impressed her as a child with her ability to spank her two cousins hard. They had been playing together one day, when Aunt Barbara came looking for them as they had left their yard without permission. Grabbing Rachel and Bill by the arms, she dragged them back to the house with Jean trailing behind them. Her two cousins were quickly escorted into the kitchen, where Aunt Barbara sat on a chair and yanked Bill across her broad lap. Jean watched in awe as she thoroughly reddened his and then Rachel's bare bottoms with her hand. They both reacted as if she was using a paddle rather than her hand. Jean was not spanked but came away with a whole new respect for her Aunt Barbara. Now she had this same reaction shaking Carol's hand.

Carol indicated that she had been put in charge of this pilot project and would be hiring two or three professionals to work with her in this unit. Each unit would have a prescribed route making two day stops at each location to deal with the juvenile's selected for treatment. She was considering Jean for the full time position. The other two positions would be part-time and on-call depending on the caseload for each specific day. There would be days were Jean would have to be in charge of the unit and supervise the other two workers in her absence. Jean noticed during this part of the interview that Carol never once mentioned the word "spanking."

It was almost a relief after Carol had asked about her nursing experience as well as her work with adolescents, that she lowered her tone of voice and asked permission to get more personal with her. Carol stated that since this was an unusual project that could elicit various reactions from employees that she needed some personal history.

"You mentioned on the phone that you were spanked as a child by your mother. How old were you at the time of your last spanking and if you can remember, why and how were you spanked?"

Fighting the strong urge to blush and lower her head, Jean looked into Carol's eyes and answered, "I was 16, almost 17 when my mother last spanked me. She spanked me with a paddle for staying out after my curfew. It was on my bare bottom, across her lap and even at the time I knew that I deserved it. I knew when I was misbehaving and was fairly sure that I was going to get it. Mom was very consistant with her discipline and I am truly thankful to her for that now. I learned after that never to give her reason enough to get another spanking from her."

"Very good," Carol responded, making a note. "I noticed your inflection at the end. Have you been spanked since then?"

This time Jean couldn't keep from blushing, but kept her head raised. "Well a couple of years ago I was dating this guy, who really seemed attracted to my rearend. Anyway I stood him up and acted rude to him one night, and . . . , he gave me a really hard hand spanking. I knew that I deserved it and he really scorched my bared bottom over his knee. We dated for a while longer and might have gotten married if he hadn't moved out of town. I was pretty careful to act more like a lady with him, that's for sure."

"Well it seems like you qualify as far as your nursing abilities and your understanding of adolescent behavior and psychology. You realize of course that on a daily basis you will be doling out spankings, usually on the bare bottom of both boys and girls. How would you feel having to give a sound spanking to, say a 16 year old boy found guilty of several curfew violations. When he comes to you he is very sorry for his behavior and promises to lead an exemplory life from now on if only you won't spank him. How do you think you would handle this situation, keeping in mind that it is your job to spank him?"

Jean knew that this was a vital question. Her answer could determine whether she got the job or not, and she really wanted this job. "Well first I would tell him that I am following a court order and so there is no choice in the matter. He is going to be spanked and there is no use wasting time and effort trying to get out of it. He should have thought of that before getting into trouble. Then I would not listen to any further discussion and tell him that he had better get into position for his spanking."

The interview ended a few minutes later, with very positive feedback from Carol and a promise to call her with a decision in a couple of days. Jean left feeling quite confident and hopeful that she would be hired. Not only was the position full time, but paid well enough so that she would no longer have to work weekends on-call at the local hospital. She liked her work, but was getting tired of emptying bedpans and changing diapers. Two days later, Carol called her and told her that she had the job. Jean immediately accepted. While Jean had never been sexually attracted to other women, she felt differently about Carol. She had noted how large and firm her tits appeared as well as how shapely her figure was from her ankles all the way up her well toned thighs and plush, well rounded hips and buttocks. She just knew that she was going to enjoy this job more than any she had ever held in the past.

Two days later, Jean went back to fill out paperwork for employment and perform "one final test" as Carol had told her. As Jean walked into the office, Karen again greeted her, but seemed a bit more reserved and anxious. While waiting for Carol to see her, Jean couldn't help but wonder why Karen was so antsy in her chair. Her thoughts were interrupted with Carol coming out and asking her to come into her office. After a couple of minute chatting, Carol said that she was pleased Jean had decided to take the position, but there was one more thing she needed demonstrated for her. "The only aspect we really have to cover is your ability to spank. Since this is a sensitive issue and outside the usual boundaries of job applicants, but very necessary for this position, I have come up with an informal way of doing this within consentual guidelines." Pressing the intercom, she told Karen to lock the office door and come in to join them. As the statuesque blonde came in Carol continued, "This is only one of the reasons Karen was hand selected for this position. For Karen this is a part of her lifestyle. She is quite accustomed to hard spankings and has agreed to act as a kind of a tester for this hiring project. Isn't that right Karen?"

"Yes, ma'am." Karen stated, feeling more comfortable looking down at the floor. She looked like a grown-up little girl, knowing a sound spanking is due. However then, as if knowing what was expected of her, she went on to assure Jean that for whatever reason, she had come to enjoy being spanked and spanked hard. In fact she liked and preferred to be spanked across another woman's lap and that Jean should feel free to "test her ability fully."

Jean prided herself on being able to deal with anything, and quickly decided that she wanted this job enough to take part in this test of her spanking abilities. Besides although she didn't know why, she looked forward to spanking this blonde bombshell. Karen could be proud of her looks. She worked on her tan and kept her waistline as slim as possible, which offset her well rounded bottom and breasts beautifully.

"Now I will set the situation." Carol interjected. "Karen will be a high school senior having been found guilty of cutting classes, staying out more than 2 hours after curfew more than once and violating the school dress code. She is reporting to the MSU for proper discipline. All of the consents have been signed and she is assigned to you. Here is a list of the available disciplinary measures available to you and approved for the MSU's." She handed Jean a card with a list of punishments.

Jean studied the card for a moment and then instructed Karen to come stand in front of her. She proceeded to scold her for her misbehavior, adding a comment about Karen having to be disciplined at her age. Although the situation was a role play, Karen couldn't help but blush with some humiliation. "Now I want you to raise your skirt well up and out of the way. That's it, I want to let anyone who might walk in see your naughty panties, that will soon be quite warm. Now get your nose in that corner until I am ready to put you over my knee!" (Smack, as she added a slap to her fleshy bottom for encouragement.) Watching the clock, Jean had Karen stand in the corner for several minutes until she noticed her squirming in place. "Come over here Karen. Keep that skirt well up and out of the way or you'll get extra. Now I want you to tell me the reasons you are in this totally childish and embarrassing situation. Imagine a girl your age, virtually a woman, standing here waiting for a spanking."

Karen proceeded to repeat the naughty behavior scripted for her by Mrs. Lane, and pleaded for Jean not to spank her too hard and that she was really sorry. Ignoring her pleas, Jean took Karen by the wrist firmly and guided her down across her own wide, firm lap. Pushing her dress well up Karen's back, Jean proceeded to begin smacking the big, protruding cheeks so exquisitely presented on her lap. Once she could feel that her panties were fairly warm, Jean proceeded to tug them down her bronze thighs so they stopped at her knees. By now Karen's spank spot, in the shape of her skimpy bikini panties, was beginning to show some pinkish hue. Jean noticed that Karen was barely reacting to her hand spanks, so she began spanking with a more determined approach that soon had her squirming and gasping.

Once Karen's big bottom was a deeper shade of red, Jean told her to get up and go back to the corner. Getting up from her chair, Jean went over to a table where Carol had set out a couple of paddles and two sizes of hairbrushes. Picking up the larger wooden hairbrush, she slapped it a couple of times against the palm of her hand. Calling Karen back over to her, she again draped her across her thighs and proceeded to apply at least 50 more hard spanks. Gazing down at Karen's robust bottom, she couldn't help but feel somewhat stimulated by the delightful way her butt cheeks bounced and danced as the brush hit deeply into her deeply soft, supple flesh. Karen was crying heartily with tears flowing down her pained facial expression, by the time she was dismissed from Jean's lap. Carol then told Karen to go into the bathroom and fix herself. As she passed by Jean, Karen gave her a little smile to assure her that it was all right with her. Carol then congratulated Jean on passing the test with "flying colors" and they proceeded to fill out the paperwork. On Jean's way out, Karen was standing at her desk. She gave Jean a big hug. reached back to give her sore butt a rub and thanked her for such a wonderful spanking. "You can take my panties down anytime." she said. Jean left feeling fairly aroused, although she didn't want to admit that she had genuinely enjoyed spanking the wonderfully buxom blonde.

For Brian he tried desperately to not think about the formation of the MSU. Brian had already been cited for one curfew violation only a couple of months ago. He had gotten off with a warning since he had been mostly well behaved otherwise. His mother had assured him that any further problems of any kind would result in a spanking, even at the age of 17. Her philosophy was that as long as he was staying in her house, the nature and degree of his punishments was going to be up to her. His father had been in an industrial accident a few years back and was no longer able to handle him physically. However his mother was a big and strong enough woman to keep him in line with her hairbrush. When the news of the MSU's broke, she let him know that she would certainly sign the disciplinary consent form. She also let him know that she would also not hesitate to administer a second spanking on their return. All Brian had to do, when his friends casually mentioned staying out late and partying, was to remember his last trip across his mother's lap.

It was less than a year ago and he had been letting his grades slip and his mother had found out. She casually told him at the dinner table in front of his younger sister that she wanted to "discuss" his lack of performance. She had used this method of telling her children they were due for a spanking for years and so he immediately blushed as his sister stifled her giggle. She knew better since it would have earned her some time in "discussion" with mother as well. She had never seen Brian being spanked, but was well aware that he got it on his bare bottom just as she did. She would try to be in her room at the time so she could hear the smack of the brush and his cries and pleas. She was just getting old enough to have an interest in boys and their anatomy, so Brian's spankings were the only images of boys bodies she was accustomed to at the time.

Brian was abit confused by his reactions to still being spanked. He was definately afraid of the pain his mother could smack into his bottom, but had to admit to himself that it also provided him with a rush that he could only compare to his budding sexual feelings. He only thought about this at times like these, when it was forced on him and it was his most closely guarded secret. He just knew he would be labeled as a pervert should anyone ever find out that being spanked turned him on.

One way he tried to deal with this was to replace the image of his mother spanking him, to one of his favorite film stars or other attractive, strong looking women. Now that he had been sent to his room to await his mother's arrival, he tried to imagine that it was one of his fantasy women coming to deal with him instead. His mental escape was interrupted by sounds of his mother's footsteps climbing the stairs. She always seemed to climb them with more determination when she was going to give a spanking. He sat up and placed his "spanking chair" in a proper position as he heard her first go down to her room to get the dreaded hairbrush. Both he and his sister had their own "spanking chair" in their rooms, which generally went unused otherwise. Neither of them liked to sit on it, so their mother was usually the only one to use it to sit on. However when she did it meant that the child whose room it was in was either over her knee or about to be in that juvenile position. Before Brian had known it, he was standing in front of his mother in just his underpants, which would be lowered once he was across her lap. He could remember looking down at how her firmly toned thighs filled the expanse of the chair, making a solid lap for him to bend over. He would struggle and kick like a little child during his spankings but could never move enough to avoid a single spank. He somehow respected his mother's resolve and ability to control his reactions even as the pain overwhelmed him. The girls and women he was attracted to also shared the firm, thick thighs similar to his mother.

Brian now laid on his bed, gazing at his "spanking chair"and remembering his last time over his mother's knee. He was not able to remember the pain, but it's effects did not escape him as he recalled how much he cried and carried on like a little kid each time the hairbrush spanked his rump. The heat and pain had consumed his entire being; taking over his mind and body. He found that he was rubbing his bottom unconsciously as he would to ease the pain after his manditory time in the corner. He just knew he would die if he was ever to be sent to the MSU. Then everyone would know about his secret spankings and even worse, might realize he didn't totally dislike them as he should. He found images of some of his favorite fantasy women spanking him on the bare bottom in front of a room full of his peers and girls in his class flashing through his mind. He was embarrassed to find that he was aroused by the images. He managed to find it easier to think about girls he knew getting spanked instead.

Kellyn also had reason to reflect on how the Mobile Spanking Units would affect her life for the next two years, until she would be able to go away to college. Unlike Brian's mother, Kellyn mother had not been able to continue spanking Kellyn after her husband died. She hoped that the discipline, which included spankings from him until she was 13, would be enough to keep her in line during the rest of her teenage years. Kellyn was basically a well behaved girl, but tended to have a wild streak once in a while. Most of the time she was not a discipline problem, but every few months she would casually violate one or more of her mother's rules, especially curfew and talking back. While curfew had not been an issue while her father was alive, her smart mouth would earn her a spanking every month or so. Her mother had been tempted more than once to spank her daughter but she didn't want to have to deal with the physical struggle her husband had been able to deal with properly. Kellyn was a big girl for her age and physically mature, even at 14 and 15. So her mother tried alternate methods by grounding and taking away priviledges when she misbehaved. This usually worked, but on occasion, Kellyn didn't seem as worried about her punishment to satisfy her mother that it would be effective. It was also almost as hard on her as it was on Kellyn.

It was just a casual comment by her mother when the Mobile Spanking Unit was first announced in the papers that continued to be on Kellyn's mind. She was being particularly disrespectful to two of her teachers and had violated her mother's curfew within the previous couple of weeks. As they were sitting at the breakfast table, with her mother reading the paper, she saw the story and noted to her blonde daughter that if she didn't straighten up soon, she might check more into the units. The upset look on the girl's face did not go unnoticed by her mother. While she didn't comment further, she began to wonder if the idea might not actually be a good one. Her mature looking daughter was indeed getting too big for her britches and a sound spanking might just be the right medicine.

For Kellyn, her spankings were strictly punishment. She had deeply loved her daddy and his firm control over her behavior was something she loved and respected him for and missed now that he was gone from her life. There were times when she liked how a boyfriend took control and showed some dominance over her, although she never thought of it quite that way. She felt proud that she had gone so long without a spanking, unlike many of her classmates and friends. She now felt too old for such juvenile reactions and while she didn't like being grounded, prefered them to the spankings some of her friends still got at home.

As far as everyone else knew, she had not had her precious bottom swatted since her father died. However she knew that there had indeed been one occasion since then. Shortly after she turned 16, and her mother allowed her to actually date alone, she met an older boy and managed to go on three dates with him before her mother found him unsuitable. Being able to kiss passionately for the first time, she allowed his hands to roam. It was then that she found how much of an erogenous zone her bottom was for her. Whenever his strong hands found there way under her skirt and cupped her pantied cheeks in their firm grip, she simply melted. It was on their last date that the secret spanking happened. They had gone swimming at a secluded spot on the lake, and she began playing games with him. There play continued for several minutes until he mockingly warned her to behave or else. Kellyn responded with a big splash right next to him and then tried to swim away. However he was able to catch her and gather her back to him by grasping her leg and pulling her to him. When her bottom came into range, with her fully rounded cheeks breaking the water line, he gave her several moderate spanks. Kellyn was surprised that they really hadn't hurt, as the "smacks" were louder than their impact. Actually the cool water made the slight heat from them feel even better, so Kellyn continued to struggle playfully. He asked her if she was ready to behave, but she barely heard his warning. Since she did not respond to his warning, he picked her up and carried her to shore. The feel of her wet, smooth skin, glistening in the sunlight next to him had it's effect. It wasn't until she was upended over his knee on the beach that she realized (and felt) the extent of his reaction. She was turned on herself, not only by him physically but by his ability to control her so well with his strength. If she hadn't already been soaking wet, she knew her panties would have a wet spot on them from the flow out from between her legs. This intensified as his large hand came down with a soft spank to her wet bikini panty. It stung, but as he continued spanking, the heat and sting only stoked the fire between her scissoring legs. She felt like the spanking ended too soon as they both orgasmed.

Since then she felt very confused about the incident. On one hand she felt proud that she had been exempt from juvenile spankings for so long and yet she could not explain how that boy's spanking had effected her. She had been swept away for the first time by someone other than her daddy. She was thankful that the boy was not in her group of friends, since she did not want anyone else to know about her reaction to a spanking. She did not need or want all the perverted boys lining up at her door, looking to get a shot at her precious bottom.

As the units came closer to opening, Kellyn's mother began to take notice of how even casual comments about spanking made her daughter straighten up more often. As a consequence, although she was now too big for her to effectively spank, her mother began making more comments about how Kellyn might benefit more from being spanked than scolded. In fact she was pleased at how deeply her big, blonde daughter blushed when she would make comments on spanking Kellyn in front of one of her closest friends and even her aunt. Kellyn hated the comments her mother was beginning to make about spanking her like a little girl. When she went over to stay the night with her friend, Lisa, she thought she would die when her mother talked with them about her behavior. She freely gave her permission for either of Lisa's parents to discipline her, even if a spanking was needed. Kellyn knew from Lisa that her dad used to spank, as had her mother, but Lisa had not been spanked for a few years now. However since Lisa had 2 younger sisters, there were still times when he still spanked. While Kellyn was afraid of the pain involved, she couldn't help but feel a semblance of excitement at the thought of what it would be like if Lisa's dad were to spank her.

With the Mobile Spanking Units getting ready to open, Jean was kept busy reviewing the laws and guidelines that restricted the spankings she would administer. Carol was a real stickler about such things and tended to quiz Jean spontaneously on various points. While Jean had answered them all correctly, Carol often chided her that she might find herself on the end of Carol's hairbrush should she miss an important answer. Jean found that this added a sense of sexual tension that made the job stimulating. In addition, Jean was told to build up her tolerance for spanking, especially by hand.

This was something that Karen was more than willing to be helpful with, even if Carol hadn't asked her to do so anyway. As she had at the interview, Karen would present a disciplinary situation to Jean and receive the spanking she wanted so badly as a result. Karen especially liked it when she would dress up as a schoolgirl and be sent to see Jean with a notice written by Carol describing her "naughty" behavior. Jean had learned that if was important at times to stand the spankee in a corner with her panties down to further anticipate a spanking. So Karen often found herself standing in the corner of Jean's office crossing her legs in sexual arousal while waiting for the command to come out for the spanking. From talking with Karen, Jean began to realize just how spanking effected this luscious, sexy blonde. She also came to realize that she was also getting excited by giving her plush, round buttocks each spank which would color her cheeks delightfully. All of this also intensified the sexual tension in the office having to do with spankings. In fact, Jean began to wonder what it was about spanking that so excited Karen, while wondering how it would be if Carol did spank her as she often teased. The days when Karen went into Carol's closed office were often highly distracting since she could hear the loud slaps and tears being shed and would try to picture what was going on behind the office door.

It was this that led to Jean's first discipline from Carol a few hours later. Jean had not been able to concentrate on some material Carol gave her, as her mind could not get away from wondering what about a spanking that Karen liked so much. When Carol called her into her office to go over the material with her, Jean was clearly not focusing properly. Coming around to lean against the front of her desk, Carol confronted Jean with some concern about what was bothering her. Jean found herself unable to answer, instead fixing her stare on how Carol's plush hips and thighs stressed the smooth material of her tight knee length skirt. Sensing what Jean was thinking about, Carol told her it was time she learn more about spanking first hand. Taking Jean's wrist from her lap, Carol had her rise while she turned her hips so her left thigh was now supported on the desk. Jean quickly found herself bottoms up across her thigh with her toes barely touching the floor behind her. Carol expertly unsnapped her jeans and tugged them down along with her panties. Placing her hand on Jean's round, meaty left cheek, Carol began scolding her for not paying attention. Both knew that this was only an excuse to give the spanking that both women wanted to happen. Jean loved the smooth, strong feel of her bosses hand, as it seemed to gently caress her expectant and totally vulnerable cheek. Carol couldn't resist giving each protruding butt cheek a firm squeeze before raising her hand for the first of many spanks. Just as when she spanked Karen, Carol felt arousal mount between her legs until her panties felt quite steamy. Jean felt just as excited with each hard smack of Carol's big, firm hand on her naked buttocks resounded throughout the room. She knew Carol was not spanking as hard as she could, allowing her to get used to the intensity of the pain, which began to flow all through her hips and thighs. The heat rose in accordance with the pain which Jean knew from Karen, that enabled her to accept the pain easier. She couldn't keep from squirming her hips and kicking up her legs, although restricted by her pants and panties. Jean was crying softly when Carol let her up from her lap, but felt some disappointment that it had ended so soon. Carol hugged her and had her look at her reddened bottom in a mirror before having her pull up her pants again. Jean made a point of giving Carol a warm hug before leaving for the day. That night she used her massager and all she could think about was her spanking from Carol. For the first time she really had a better understanding of Karen's interest in spanking.

Kellyn was grounded for the next week but there was going to be this party she "just" had to go to along with several of her friends. Brian had been invited to the same party even though he knew it would mean getting home well beyond his curfew. Unaware of how this would bring them closer together or what their home situations were, both of them decided that no matter what the risk, they were not going to miss the "party of the year." Kellyn made plans to sneak out on the pretense of going to the library with her friend. She knew there would be no way her mother would buy her staying over at another girl's house, especially while on restriction. She would undoubtedly arrive home to a very irate mother and probably be grounded for the rest of her life, but she preferred not to think much about that. Brian also figured on getting caught on his return, but felt a grounding would be worth the fun.

However things would not work out the way either of them had planned. Ironically at the party, Brian asked Kellyn to dance and she accepted. They ended up dancing several times during the night and then sat down to rest. Brian made the first move and Kellyn responded with interest to his kissing and fondling. She let him feel her legs but would not allow his hands to traverse any closer to her panties.

In fact they were both so engrossed in kissing and groping that they didn't realize either the time or the noise level of the party. It was shortly after 2 A.M., that the police came to shut down the noise after complaints from the neighborhood. The party had thinned out but Kellyn and Brian were cuddling busily in the corner of the room when the police came in. Finding underage drinking, they had no choice but to take everyone into custody. What followed was several late phone calls to parents to come and get their teenagers, most of whom were charged with being under the influence of alcohol/drugs. To make things worse for both Brian and Kellyn was the the officer cited them both for being indecently attired at the time of their arrest. With both of them already having been in front of the juvenile judge for similar behavior, they were automatically slated to reappear in court. They were released with this information on the recognizance of their parents.

As they were both being adjudicated to the court, they were released about the same time. When they came out they were facing two very irate mothers. Trying to separate from each other, so as to blame the other for the severity of the situation, they tried to approach their mother separately. However the two women had spent some time discussing the situation and were finishing on an agreement as to how their children should be punished. Brian's mother had mentioned prominently that she was going to dust off her paddle and then stand him in the corner. The idea of Kellyn in that position greatly appealled to her mother, but she knew she did not have the experience or the proper sense of command to do this, Just as Kellyn came to within earshot, she asked if Brian's mother could provide Kellyn with some discipline as well. Without revealing exactly what they had discussed, she agreed and said that they could deal with both of them the next afternoon.

Brian was horrified the next afternoon, when his mother told him he could expect a spanking from her, to see Kellyn being led up to their door by her mother. His mom had made it clear that he would be over her knee and then spend some time over hte back of the sofa for a paddling. Now with Kellyn coming, he didn't know what to expect. All he knew was that it was going to be humiliating. Kellyn was partially in tears as she stood next to her mother at Brian's front door. She also didn't know what was to happen, except that her bottom was going to pay for the party. She hadn't thought much about what Brian was in for as well, but when she did, the thought of seeing this young stud naked and taken down a peg. She never considered that she might be punished along side of him. She figured his mother would never allow him to see her in any stage of undress and would hopefully punish her privately.

Brian's mother welcomed her mother and said that they should wait in her room until she had dealt with Brian in his room. Kellyn was relieved, figuring her own spanking would be totally private as well, but that they might be able to hear each other. Kellyn was told to wait quietly while she attended to her son. Watching her leave the room, Kellyn didn't look forward to her return, although she didn't like having to wait either. She could only sit on the bed for a few minutes and then began to pace in nervous anticipation, giving the seat of her taut jeans a few expectant rubs.

When his mom entered his room by herself, Brian was briefly relieved. However this ended as she tapped her hairbrush firmly against the palm of her left hand and stared at him angrily He knew that Kellyn was likely in her mom's room, and he knew that his ordeal would be overheard by her. He knew that this was his mom's intention, since it would certainly be embarrassing for both of them. However he didn't have much more time to think, as she was sternly businesslike. She sat on his desk chair and he quickly got up from his bed and went to stand next to her. She quickly undid his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear. A simple pat of her broad thigh had him bending over her lap. It was only then that she scolded him briefly. Kellyn could hear her voice but was not able to tell what was being said, however a moment later, a loud slap rang out that didn't need interpretation. Brian was thankful she had begun with her hand, as that normally made it easier initially. However it also normally meant a longer spanking, which he had yet to endure without crying pitifully. At first he tried to take the increasing pain stoically "like a man," as Kellyn was an unwelcome witness.

Kellyn felt a mixture of arousal and fear while listening to Brian's spanking. Each smack reminded her that she would soon be getting spanked too, but she couldn't help but wonder what a boy Brian's age looked like in such a childish position. She listened for him to cry faster than he did, and knew that she would have certainly been in tears by that time. Brian was beginning to whimper and choke back the tears as his mom's hand continued spanking his now bright red cheeks. Then there was a pause that made Kellyn wonder if it was over for him, but that he knew was only the half way point. He tried to brace himself for the hairbrush, but his mother shifted her thighs making it impossible for him to make his cheeks tensed in a futile attempt to negate the brush's impact. This seemed to break down his final stage of resistance and after a couple of spanks he began crying like a little boy. He no longer worried about what Kellyn would htink of him. All he could concentrate on was the blast furnace being ignited in her bottom. Having further plans for his bottom, his mom decided to end the spanking with the hairbrush before she normally would.

Getting up from her lap, Brian tried to stand calmly in front of her but was crying and straining to keep from reaching back for his bottom. He expected the brief lecture his mom was giving him and to then be marched to the corner. However when his mom got up and took him arm, he found that they were headed for the door instead. Holding his pants up at his knees so he could stumble behind her lead, she led him down the stairs into the living room where Kellyn's mother was waiting. Putting his nose in a corner, she then turned to her guest, stating that Brian was to stand in position until she was finished dealing with Kellyn. Asking that any disobedience be reported, she reminded him that each incident would mean additional spanking. Choking back his tears, Brian promised to behave and let go of his pants so that he was blushingly bare in front of his new girlfriend's mother.

Not knowing what to expect, Kellyn gave a sigh of relief that Brian's mother entered the room alone, however like Brian, the sight of the hairbrush sent a chill through her. She was also as tall as Kellyn, but with a few more pounds added to her more mature figure, and Kellyn sensed some real fear for the first time as she realized what she might be in for. She had been strong enough to make Brian cry like a child, and it didn't look like her arm was even close to being tired. She promptly stood up as his mother made her way to sit on the bed. Kellyn tried to look as sorry as she could, but suspected it wasn't going to matter. In a flash, her jean shorts were fluttering down her long, smooth legs, joined quickly by her panties. Not familiar with her expectations, as Brian was, Kellyn hesitated and had to be taken down across his mother's lap. Kellyn was started off with a hand spanking, but was not as grateful as Brian, at least until there was the pause and resumption with the hairbrush. Kellyn's crying and pleading filled the house even louder than Brian's had earlier.

Kellyn's big bottom was a brilliant shade of dark red when she was finally allowed up from Brian's mother's lap. Slapping her hands away from rubbing some of the sting from her cheeks, she took her by the arm and marched her out into the living room. Kellyn's look at Brian's red cheeks was all too brief as she had her nose put into an adjacent corner and told to stand still. Pausing to have some coffee with her mother, Kellyn hoped she would be allowed to pull up her pants before Brian could get a good look at her well reddened, bare bottom. However after a few minutes Brian's mom put her cup down and stated that she had one more surprise for both children. With that she excused herself and left the room briefly. When she returned, she told them both to pull up their underpants and to come over by the sofa. As they did so and turned around, they both saw their "surprise." If turned out to be her old sorority paddle that had been collecting dust in the back of her closet. For the next half hour, she had them both bent over the end of the sofa, right next to each other. Once in position their pants were again lowered and she lectured and paddled both of them.

It was the next Friday when they both appeared in front of the judge. They were thankful that they could sit more comfortably than during the previous week, but they wondered how long that would last. Brian was first and was ordered to report to the MSU when it opened on the following Monday. Kellyn began to sob as she heard that she was also to report on Monday morning to the MSU. They had avoided each other in mutual embarrassment for the past week, but now they seemed destined to see each other again while being punished. They both wanted to see each other during more normal times as well.

By Friday afternoon Jean had received her first list of recipients for the Grand Opening of the MSU on Monday morning. Her first would be a high school boy named Brian. Her second would be a high school girl named Kellyn. From reading their files, she felt ready and up to the challenge of teaching both of these teenagers that they still had some growing up to do. Calling Karen on the intercom, she asked if she would be free to meet with her over the weekend. Then she noticed that it was almost time to quit for the day, and she was determined to ask Carol for something special before it was time to leave. In a moment she knocked on Carol's office door and then entered. Before she could say much, Karen came in behind her. It was clear that Karen was there for a very specific purpose as Carol didn't seem at all surprised when Karen handed her a hairbrush and stood in front of her desk expectantly. Looking up at Jean, Carol apologized stating that Karen was going to be punished. Then she nicely asked what Jean wanted to talk with her about, insisting that it not be put off since it was Friday. Taking a deep breath, Jean simply lowered her head, walked up next to Karen and placed her own paddle on the desk next to the hairbrush.

(If readers are interested, there may be a follow up(s) to this story. Those with ideas as to how the actual MSU works, the relationships between the 3 women & between Brian and Kellyn could be explored and expanded upon.)